Do Raccoons Make Good Pets: Everything You Need To Know Beforehand

A raccoon on top of a wood

Have you ever seen cute videos of raccoons and humans interacting and wondered, do raccoons make good pets? The truth is that while they do bond well with humans (sometimes), there is a lot to consider before you bring one into your home. There are legal particularities and complicated aspects of their care that do not apply to domestic animals like cats and dogs.

Is It Legal to Have a Raccoon as a Pet?

Raccoon on the tree

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State and City Regulations

Before you buy a raccoon, it is important to check with your state and local government to make sure it is legal to own one. Even if pet racoons are permitted in your state, they might be illegal in your city. Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland and Massachusetts are examples of states where raccoons are not permitted.

Import Regulations

If you plan to purchase a raccoon outside your state, it is important to learn about the laws regulating the import. In some states, it is illegal to bring in a raccoon. In other states, you may be required to obtain a certificate from the breeder and other paperwork.


Do Raccoons Make Good Pets?

a pet raccoon holding the hand of a human

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Raccoons Can Be Affectionate Companions

Raccoon enthusiasts claim that, for people who are prepared to spend a lot of time caring for them, raccoons can make good pets. They are truly adorable and will enjoy playing and cuddling with their human companions. They are intelligent, and it is possible to teach them basic commands and litter box habits.

Raccoons Are Extremely Difficult to Maintain

Do raccoons make good pets when we account for all the problems they can create? Raccoons are, by nature, wild animals and do not adjust easily to domestic life. They are messy eaters and, if bored, they will destroy your home. If stressed or agitated, a raccoon will purposefully abandon its litter training as a way of punishing its owners.

Behavioral and Health Problems

While some raccoons are very affectionate as babies, they may become aggressive adults. If agitated, your raccoon will not hesitate to bite. This can create legal problems for you and result in authorities confiscating and euthanizing your animal. Raccoons are susceptible to diseases like rabies and canine distemper, some of which are transmittable to humans.


How Can I Get a Pet Raccoon?


Your chances of success with a pet raccoon improve if you get one from a professional breeder. Do not take one from the wild because the animal will not be properly socialized. Also, in some states it is illegal to keep a wild raccoon, even if having a raccoon from a breeder is permitted.

Reputable Breeders

The names of some breeders who can provide you with a baby raccoon are:

  • Hillview Exotics
  • Tiny Tracks
  • Wess Exotic Animals



raccoon sniffing the tree branch

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Raccoons require an advanced level of care. They are sociable, fun, and cute, but there is a reason few people choose to own one. They become aggressive and vindictive if they do not have enough toys and other means of mental stimulations, and they require constant cleaning up after. You should only get a raccoon if you are prepared for a big commitment.


Featured Image Source: Pixabay