Best Places To Find Dogs For Adoption

One way that you can go about getting your own dog is through adoption.

There are more needy animals in the shelters across the country. It would greatly help if we thought about adopting more pets, rather than breeding new ones. You can opt to welcome a new dog, cat, sheep, rabbit, pig, horse and any other pet into your home through adoption. Because when shelters are overrun with animals, they are put down.

So adoption saves lives and saves you money.

Buying from animal breeders is expensive. However, with adoption, you will have only nominal fees to consider. That is the difference between a few thousand dollars and a few hundred. There is also an added benefit. Shelter animals are given all the necessary vaccines, been seen by a vet and might even be microchipped, neutered and spayed. So yet again, you end up saving money.

Places to Adopt Dogs

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At the beginning of the adoption process, you will have to submit an application and go through an interview process. In addition, you could possibly have to submit to a home inspection and submit a referral from a veterinary doctor.

So if this is a prospect that you can consider, continue reading and learn about some of the popular places where you can go to adopt view dogs for adoption.

1. The ASPCA

According to its website, the ASPCA has its fondly known or “The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was the first humane society to be established in North America and is, today, one of the largest in the world.”
Today, it still ranks as the biggest in the world.
ASPCA President & CEO, Matthew Bershadker states that “Helping vulnerable animals and keeping pets in safe and loving homes requires a commitment from all of us—advocates, pet owners, shelters, leaders, and entire communities. When we work together under a common cause, we’re both saving lives and elevating our society and its laws to ensure cruelty victims and other at-risk animals receive the protection and care they deserve.”
To begin the process of animal adoption, you must either go through their online listing at or go to their adoption centre in New York City.
Even though this is a popular organization, it does not have a centre in every state or city. So, you can opt to visit your local shelter instead because the ASPCA does not transport animals across the country.
One of the popular ways in which it matches pets to new owners is through assessing the compatibility. Their aim is to foster a lasting relationship. If you have ever used a dating site that gives you a personality profile test, then you can understand how their ‘Meet your Match’ program works.
They use a Canine-ality or Feline-ality assessment. At the end of the day, it is better able to detect what the animal needs in an owner and vice versa.


2. Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation and Animal Friends Rescue Project

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Another pet organization is the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation. This agency is a “non-profit, no-kill animal shelter for dogs and cats located in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. The shelter is run primarily by a dedicated corps of volunteers.”
It was initially started by Helen Opperman Krause, who has since died.
“The Shelter … now sits on approximately two acres of landscaped grounds in a rural community and consists of a state-of-the-art main cat shelter built in 1999, a recently remodeled cat shelter annex and a dog kennel. At any given time, this complex is home to as many as 100 cats and kittens and 10 dogs.”
This is more of a sponsorship opportunity, rather than an adoption agency.
Where it is located in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania allows them to house a lot of animals. However, they need your help to maintain the facility. So you can make monetary donations and sponsor a pet. The money you send is used to procure medicine, food and take care of any other needs that the animal may have.
You can also specify that the shelter can use the funds on the more needy pets. In return, the agency will send out adoption updates, health status, a letter of appreciation and a photo. This is one of the best ways to help an animal, especially if you are not able to house one yourself.


3. Petco and PetSmart

These organizations prefer to partner with local shelters and animal adoption agencies. They do not have dogs for adoption, themselves.
Through the Petco Foundation, every month the organization “hosts or sponsors various adoption events nationwide.”
For almost twenty years, the Petco Foundation has “invested more than $200 million in lifesaving animal welfare work across the country. With more than 4,000 animal welfare partners,” and via their 1,500 Petco stores all over the country, Petco has helped the adoption of “more than 5.5 million pets.”
PetSmart also never sell dogs or cats. They do have their own initiative via the PetSmart Charities and over the years have helped save over 1,300 pets every day or approximately eight million animals through adoption.
Interestingly, for every minute of the day during a PetSmart Charities event, an animal is adopted.
So go to the websites, to learn of the various event dates or visit your local Petco and PetSmart stores.


4. is a different kind of pet adoption service. Using their website, you will be able to browse thousands of adoption groups and shelters across the country.
They have an extensive listing. Their organization, The Petfinder Foundation, “is a public charity that works to prevent the euthanasia of adoptable pets by assisting animal shelters and rescue groups across North America.”
They have donated over twenty million dollars in an effort to help animals facing euthanasia, find a home.
They also purposely get involved during the times of disaster to aid adoption groups. Their “grant recipients include more than 13,000 organizations, caring for more than 300,000 homeless pets at any given time, throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.”
They are so keen on putting animals with loving caregivers. So much so that they facilitate these exchanges 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get people and pets together.
Here you will find that the majority are dogs for adoption, and some cats too. Less conventional pets are also available as well.



This next pet adoption facilitator boasts that they are “North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website.” “use the power of the Internet to connect adopters with shelter pets and help pets go from alone to adopted.”
They go above and beyond the call. In the past, they helped “in the massive effort to save pets stranded, in and around New Orleans, by hurricane Katrina and the flooding that followed, and … co-led the entire rescue effort for months.”
All you have to do to find your next lovable companion is to visit the website, enter the location information and click search. You will see lots of pets to choose from in and around your area. They not only have dogs for adoption but birds, amphibians, farm animals, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils and rabbits.
Any pet you want, just look around. You can also sign up for alerts based on your preferences.


6. Hearts United for Animals

As their website says, they are all heart. This pet loving organization is “a national no-kill animal shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization.” They work hard to “rescue and take creatures that are lost, afraid, hungry or ill and give them a warm, soft bed, good food, medical care and most of all, love.”
The Hearts United for Animals is very facilitating in trying to pair animals with new human families.
Located in Nebraska, USA is a grand sanctuary that facilitates long-distance adoptions. They will transport dogs for adoption in whatever way legal, to get those pups to a new home. They use the “JetSet Dogs program, to assist with veterinary expenses of animals in need when their owners have nowhere else to turn. Dogs and cats that cannot be placed due to medical or behavioral issues stay with us forever as Sanctuary Sweethearts.”
To initiate the adoption process, visit their website and review all the animals that are available for adoption.


Think about Getting Dogs for Adoption

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There are literally millions of animals worldwide that need a loving home. Too many animal breeders have irresponsibly mistreated these animals, ignored the need for medical treatment or breed them for money. Eventually, they are not able to take care of them. Some breeder dumps these animals and they become strays in shelters.

But the above-mentioned agencies, retailers and adoption centres or websites work hard to rectify this problem.

If you want a companion, consider these initiatives. You can even lend your support by making donations or through sponsorship.

No effort is too small because it goes a long way.

One way that you can go about getting your own dog is through adoption.

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