Top Veterinary Technician Schools in Iowa

Iowa is a great state for individuals looking to practice veterinary medicine. As rewarding career, practitioners will get to enjoy treating animals to improve their lives. With plenty of certification programs and jobs available in Iowa, an increasing number of job candidates are successfully finding careers in the state.

Find Accredited Veterinary Technician Schools in Iowa

Des Moines Area Community College offers several programs for veterinary technicians. At this campus, students will be able to learn techniques to help them with assisting veterinarians.

Iowa Lakes Community College is located in Estherville and offers training in applied veterinary science. In this program, students can expect to prepare for work in a clinic by learning important medical terminology and applied science for treating animals.

Iowa Western Community College offers a wide variety of training programs where candidates can learn how to treat both domestic animals and exotic animals at zoos. Students will learn medical terminology as well as advanced science like anesthesiology and pharmacology.

How to get Certified in Iowa

Governed by the Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine, a set of standards have been imposed in the state to ensure that every practitioner is adequately prepared to practice. As a prerequisite, all practitioners are required to first complete a training program at an accredited institution. Afterward, they will need to pass a state certification exam. In addition, all candidates must pass the national exam that is governed by the American Veterinary Medicine Association. Once these steps have been completed, certified practitioners will now be free to go find a job.

Salaries for Veterinary Technicians in Iowa

Iowa was one of the highest paying states in terms of annual salary for certified veterinary technicians. The average employee earns approximately $31,140 per year. With just 780 certified veterinary technicians in the state, these individuals are in high demand. Since the top 10 percent of veterinary technicians earn $44,680 per year, there is plenty of room for advancement. When broken down to an average hourly wage, certified veterinary technicians earn about $14.97 per hour. This is relatively high compared to other states around the country and certainly provides a living wage.

The job outlook for veterinary technicians in Iowa is generally positive. With the low supply of certified technicians, this shortage will lead to higher demand for years to come. With plenty of accredited institutions to seek additional training, practitioners will find it easier to work their way up in the field. With proper training, today’s entry-level technicians could eventually own their own practice or work their way up to becoming a veterinarian. Since these possibilities will continue to exist long into the future, certified practitioners can look forward to years of success in the decades to come.

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