Top Veterinary Technician Schools in Los Angeles, LA

A Quick Overview of Veterinary Technicians Certified veterinary technicians provide radiological services, surgery, nursing care, assistance, and lab work in an animal health care setting. The following provides a brief introduction to the classes, training, and outlook for veterinary technicians. <br /><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><h2>Find Accredited Veterinary Technician Schools in Los Angeles</h2><br />Quite a few colleges provide accredited vet tech programs in the Los Angeles area. A few of these schools include Los Angeles Pierce College, Mt. San Antonio College, and Platt College. In 2012, each school graduated about 30 students from their veterinary technician programs.<br /><br />For a larger list of places offering accredited vet tech programs in Los Angeles, and California, click here or visit the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA).<br /><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><h3>How to get Certified in Los Angeles</h3><br />If you want to become a veterinary technician, you’ll need at least an associate’s degree, although a bachelor’s degree is better for job placement and certification. A basic understanding of anatomy and medicine is needed. Many of the classes you’ll take will include science and math classes.<br /><br />Once you finish with your education and training, you’ll need to gain accreditation, or at least register, through a licensing body, such as the AVMA. These associations provide continue training and education to keep your certifications current. <br /><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><h4>Salaries for Veterinary Technicians in Los Angeles</h4><br />Location and experience play a huge part in salary. The annual mean wage for a <a href=”″>certified veterinary technician in California</a> was $36,380, or $17.49 per hour, although top earners could expect upwards of $44,490 a year, or $21.39 per hour. This is relatively the same for Los Angeles, which reported a mean annual salary of $35,000.<br /><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><br />Once you graduate, the job outlook is pretty good. U.S. News reports that there are nearly 84,800 jobs for veterinary technicians and only a 2.2 percent unemployment rate in the field. In Los Angeles, the number of positions available is closer to 900, while the unemployment right climbs up slightly to 3 percent.<br /><br />The good news is that veterinary technician positions are expected to climb much faster than the average rate for other jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 30% increase in the next ten years. It’s a healthy career field as the number of vets needed usually rises with the population.<!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–>[qs_listing areaofinterest=”VETERINARY-ASSISTING-TECHNOLOGY” state=”CA” multidealer=”YES”]<!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–>

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