Top Veterinary Technician Schools in Montana

The state of Montana is an excellent place both for training as a veterinary technician and for actual practicing. Through the schools provided in the state, individuals will be able to learn about how they can become great veterinary technicians that can truly make a difference in the world. Below is a full overview of what certified veterinary technicians can expect by working in the state.

Find Accredited Veterinary Technician Schools in Montana

In the state of Montana, there are no schools that have been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Although there are no laws in the state that require individuals to seek education, it is an effective requirement by legitimate employers.

There are many schools within commuting distance for much of the population in Montana. Many prospective trainees in the state go to Purdue University in Indiana. Although within driving distance of Montana, it certainly is not within commuting distance. The good news is that students who attend the school will be able to do their classes online. This means that they won’t need to come in except for certain procedures, perhaps once a month.

For students who strictly want to train online, there are plenty of schools available to do this today. In fact, there are schools available that do not require that students ever come in to train as a veterinary technician. Rather, this can all be done from home with the assistance of a veterinarian’s office. While better training can be learned in the real world, this can often fit a person’s schedule better.

How to get Certified in Montana

To become licensed in the state of Montana, there is no requirement. However, there is an effective requirement because most employers want to see a candidate is well-trained before hiring. Therefore, the first step is to successfully graduate from program that trains veterinary technicians. If possible, individuals should even try to pass the exams given out by either the Big Sky Veterinary Technician Association or the American Veterinary Medical Association. By doing this, individuals be in a better position to get a high paying job.

Salaries for Veterinary Technicians in Montana

The average certified veterinary technician in Montana makes about $27,630 per year. As an hourly rate, the average technician makes $13.29. The top 10 percent of technicians make about $35,240 per year while the bottom 10 percent make just $21,330.

The job outlook for veterinary technicians in Montana is positive. While the average salaries of veterinary technicians are relatively low, individuals who have been certified will earn far more. Therefore, Montana can be a great state to work in for people who have successfully finished a veterinary training program.

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