Top Veterinary Technician Schools in Nebraska

When looking to practice veterinary medicine, Nebraska is one of the best states in the country. It has a rich community of practitioners, employers, and educational institutions. Individuals in Nebraska can pursue a degree in veterinary technology to improve the lives of pets and their owners throughout the state. Below is a full overview of why Nebraska is a great place to practice veterinary medicine.

Find Accredited Veterinary Technician Schools in Nebraska

The American Veterinary Medical Association in Nebraska has accredited many schools in the state to train qualified candidates to enter the workforce. By finishing one of these programs, veterinary technicians can look forward to a rewarding and successful career.

The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture was founded in 1973 and teaches practitioners how to care for animals with its vast facilities. The school teaches students to care for not only dogs and cats, but also for exotic wild animals. Whether looking to care for domestic animals or work at a zoo, this is a great place to earn a rewarding career.

Located in Norfolk, Nebraska this school as been accredited since 1997. In addition to classroom learning, students can look forward to additional study in the laboratory.

Vatterott College is located in Omaha, Nebraska and provides students with training in a wide range of veterinary activities. From learning animal anatomy to medical terminology, a vast range of medical knowledge can be learned from this school.

How to get Certified in Nebraska

Getting licensed to be a veterinary tech requires that students first complete a degree program from an accredited veterinary technician schools in Nebraska. Next, they will need to pass a state certification exam through the National Association of Veterinary Technicians. Afterward, prospective practitioners will also need to pass the national exam through the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Salaries for Veterinary Technicians in Nebraska

Salaries for veterinary technicians in the state are moderately high, with the average wage being about $28,090. In all, about 610 people are employed as veterinary technicians in Nebraska. The top 10 percent in the state make about $37,050 while the bottom 10 percent make $18,370 per year. When broken down to an hourly wage, the average practitioner in Nebraska will learn about $13.50 as a veterinary technician.

The outlook for veterinary technicians in Nebraska is generally positive. With many schools available, students can be provided with plenty of training to increase their earning potential. Further, students can also pursue other studies to use their training as a veterinary technician as a stepping stone to an even greater career. By doing this, students in Nebraska can look forward to years of prosperity after finishing their training as a veterinary technician.

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