Top Veterinary Technician Schools in San Diego

Veterinary Technician Schools in San Diego

Choosing to become a veterinary technician, or vet tech, is a wonderful career opportunity. Salaries are good, the job market is growing quickly and it is very rewarding. Before you start your career, however, you want to make sure that you are looking into good vet tech programs in the San Diego area. These schools will help you get a great start in your future career.
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Accredited Vet Tech Programs in San Diego

There are a number of accredited vet tech classes that you can take in the San Diego area. In order to find the best one for you, there are a few things you can do. First of all, you can talk to people who are already working as vet techs. Find out where they got their education and if they would recommend it to others. Another way you can find out about accredited vet tech programs in San Diego is by contacting the California Veterinary Medical Board. They have a listing of accredited schools in the state to choose from. Finally, you can contact some local veterinary clinics to find out where they like to high vet techs from. This will tell you that these schools have a great reputation.

Licensing & Accreditation Requirements in San Diego

To become a licensed vet tech in San Diego, you will need to successfully graduate from a two-year accredited veterinary technician program in the state. In addition to that, you will need to successfully take and pass the California Registered Veterinary Technician exam. You will also need to be at least 18 years old, pass a background check and authorize fingerprinting.

Salaries for Certified Veterinary Technicians in San Diego

According to, the average salary of a veterinary technician is $29,903. The lowest 10 percent of vet techs made an average of $18,805, and the highest 10 percent made an average of $41,684.

Job Outlook for Veterinary Technicians in San Diego

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the job outlook for vet techs across the country is expected to grow by about 30 percent from now through 2022. This is much faster than average and ideal for those who are looking for college degrees offering a number of job opportunities.

There are a number of reasons why becoming a vet tech is an excellent idea for many people. However, make sure you are getting the best start possible by earning your certification through a top San Diego veterinary technician training program.
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