Top Veterinary Technician Schools in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is a great place to start a demanding career in veterinary science. Well over a thousand people in the state have already started their successful career in the field, and anyone can do the same.

Find Accredited Veterinary Technician Schools in South Carolina

Throughout the state of South Carolina, there are many available veterinary technician programs. At Tri-County college, job candidates can pursue a degree to learn advanced animal medical care, anesthesia, and veterinary terminology. Located in Pendleton, this school is a great choice for new veterinary technicians seeking training.

Another good option for school is Trident Technical College. Accredited since 2002, job candidates can learn clinical techniques such as pathology and radiology. While these are normally used for humans, today they are even being used on some of the most special animals.

Piedmont Technical College is another great option for training. Here, practitioners can learn animal nutrition, animal breeding, and veterinary pharmacology. By training in these fields, new technicians will have a strong resume that employers will desire.

How to get Certified in South Carolina

To practice in the state, veterinary technicians must complete a training program through a licensed school. This means that prospective job candidates will first need to earn a degree through an accredited degree program in the state. In addition to earning a degree, prospective job candidates will need to pass the national veterinary exam. After passing this, it is then required that each practitioner pass the state exam as well. Practitioners must also be at least 18 years of age. These requirements are outlined by the South Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians.

Salaries for Veterinary Technicians in South Carolina

The average veterinary technician in South Carolina earns about $28,660 per year. The top 10 percent of veterinary technicians make $37,890 while the lowest ten percent make just $18,720. The average hourly pay rate for a technician is about $13.78 per hour. This makes being a certified veterinary technician a lucrative profession that provides a strong career. Additionally, being a veterinary technician can act as a stepping stone to an even high paid career in the future.

South Carolina is one of the best states in the country for practicing as a veterinary technician. Currently, there are about 1,230 veterinary technicians employed in the state. Of these, 380 of them work in the greater Charleston area, with Columbia ranking second at 220 technicians. This shows that there is plenty of employment opportunity after graduation for both new and existing technicians. Since there is plenty of opportunity right within the state, individuals won’t need to worry about moving away to find a job.

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