Top Veterinary Technician Schools in West Virginia

Veterinary Technician Schools in West Virginia

There are several options of accredited certification programs at schools in West Virginia. Some of these institutions include: Carver Career Center in Charleston; Community and Technical College at West Virginia University Institute of Technology in Montgomery; Pierpont Community and Technical College in Fairmont; Bridgemont Community and Technical College in Montgomery; and Potomac State College of West Virginia University in Keyser. Degrees to pursue include everything from an associate’s to a master’s or higher, depending on what the individual would like to accomplish.

The first step in obtaining licensing as a vet tech in West Virginia is to successfully complete an education training program that has been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities, or the AVMACVTEA. Once an individual has earned their degree, they are eligible to sit for the West Virginia jurisprudence exam. Once they’ve passed this, they are required to submit to a criminal background check. Licensing is good for one calendar year and has to be renewed by completing a renewal application and submitting it to the West Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine. Additional yearly requirements include 12 hours of continuing education classes through the state or AVMA and a fee.

How to get Certified in West Virginia

Those who have become certified as vet techs in West Virginia can expect to fall somewhere in the following salary ranges. The lower range is $14,766 to $32,731, with a median salary of $23,480. Those who achieve the middle level of salary will earn between $15,264 and $33,834, with a median salary of $24,271. Vet techs who reach the higher end of income will earn between $16,262 and $36,047, with a median salary of $25,859. Actual income varies and is based on a variety of factors. These factors include experience, level of education and the location of the employment.

Salaries for Certified Veterinary Assistants in West Virginia

The job outlook for vet techs in West Virginia is good, with a variety of openings regularly available. The positions being offered require certification and current licensing. The overall job growth rate in the country is projected to be 30 percent through the year 2022 and the salaries are good when compared with other positions of a similar education level. New jobs are expected to continue to open up.

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