What is a Vet Tech?

When dealing with human medicine, we have doctors and nurses. A veterinary tech is the “nurse” of the veterinarian. But, when looking at the possibility of a career, you may ask: what do they do and not do? What kind of education, training, and certification is needed? And what kind of career and salary might be expected?

What does a vet tech do?

Veterinary techs are the “nurse” to the veterinarian. They can do many things that a veterinarian can do. Just as nurses are, they are often the “glue” of a veterinarian clinic. They do a lot of things to help the vet out, so that he can focus on his job. However, everything they do must be under the supervision of a veterinarian. They can draw blood, assist in surgery, manage anesthesia and oxygen, give medication, and do research. There are a few things, however, that they cannot do. They cannot prescribe drugs, make a diagnosis, perform surgery, suture, or administer blood transfusions. These are things that must be done by a veterinarian.

Education, training, and certification

In order to have a career in this field, it requires that you take a veterinary technology program. There is the veterinarian technician which is a 2 year associates degree program. There is also the veterinarian technologist which is a 4 year bachelor degree program. There can also be specialties in different areas, such as: dentistry, anesthesia, critical care, equine care, or nutrition. In order to practice, a vet tech must become certified or registered. The requirements depend on the state.

Career and Salary possibilities

Once trained and certified, there is the possibility of working anywhere that vets are. Some of those possibilities are private clinics, animal hospitals, zoos, and shelter clinics. Salaries will range from $20000 per year to $48000 per year depending on experience and location.

Anyone who is interested in this kind of job as a career should ask someone who is currently in the position questions about: their current job, salary, job options, classes that are involved, schools that have the best program, and any other questions there might be regarding the program or career. If you love animals, put your skills to work, and look into a this career today.

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